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Spiced Hazelnut Carob Cookies

   Once in a while I make something that is so good I can’t stop thinking about it. About a week ago I made a batch of gluten-free, vegan cookies using carob powder. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of … Continue reading

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in search of freshness: baked fish, the Greek way

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Living in Toronto means having access to all kinds of great food and fresh produce, both imported and local. The only issue I have is with accessibility to fresh fish and seafood. We are landlocked and because of this we … Continue reading

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unpretentious baking: raspberry jam thumbprint cookies

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I’ve been hearing about Gwyneth’s book on the blogosphere for a while and resisted the urge to reserve it from the library.  I thought it was another ‘celebrity-come-cookbook-writer’ trying to put themselves on the map after years of disappearing from Hollywood to … Continue reading

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rustic delight: turnips dauphinoise

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I’ve recently decided to include vegetables such as turnips, rutabaga and celeriac into my cooking regimen. You see, I always avoided these unfamiliar root vegetable at the market simply because I had some vague recollection of disliking them as a … Continue reading

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i like butter: almond butter tartlets

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It’s true! I do like butter and I’m not shy about saying it. I’ve tried margarine and vegan margarine in baking but nothing compares to the creamy richness of butter. The smell of a freshly opened block of butter brings … Continue reading

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